Organizing for Preschool

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So a few weeks back, this handsome boy started Preschool. With that, comes a lot of papers, handbooks and a ton of other stuff that we need to keep on hand, organized and can find it whenever we need it. 
(For privacy reasons, I will not post any pictures of where he goes to school or any names, etc)

So I picked up a plain white binder from Staples and grabbed my brother-in-laws 3-hole punch and simply punched the holes into the paper.

I had to include his "art" that he made for me on parents day. Love him.

The first part has the school handbook and the policies. We added another part (separated by the yellow dividers) for emergency information and papers we need to sign or just miscellaneous papers we have to take home. 

I keep it on my desk under my Home Management Binder that life haha.

In Jack's room, next to his closet, I have his activity wall which holds his weekly calendar (how cute is that!? My Mother-in-Law found it and we love it) and will hold his art work that he is very proud of. I was going to frame some and alternate it but it looked too busy. Maybe I will get some cute Washi tape and use that to hold up the art.

The letters are from Jo-Anne fabrics for $1 each I believe.

We are barely a month in, but I feel organized already. What do you do? I am going to spruce up his binder and get more dividers in a few months once we get even MORE papers.

The night before school, I always lay out his outfit, shoes and back pack and make his lunch so we are not rushing around in the morning. I always include a note stating what the snack contains since there are kids in the class who are allergic to some stuff.

Have your kiddos gone back to school? Any tips? Feel free to share!

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