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Monday, October 7, 2013

So a few weeks back when I bought my Mums, I had kept them in their basic black pots from Lowes. Talk about as boring as watching paint dry. Exhibit A:

I felt like they needed some sprucing, so I went around our house looking for what would work. I always do that before I go out and buy anything. In our basement there were a bunch of sand buckets that Jack used like...twice because he prefers just throwing sand (who doesn't) so I figured if he wanted them next year that I will just go buy one. I picked up the tallest one and gathered my supplies. I chose black and white since it is getting closer to Halloween.

It was easy as pie and only took about ten minutes after 145 coats of black paint to cover the bright blue.

I also removed the chord and poked a hole at the bottom so the water would drain a bit.

Easy, free and adorable. Just how I like it. That sounds bad.

So have you done anything DIY related recently? Do your Mums also look like poo? I admit I have no green thumb. More like a brown thumb covered in pesticides or whatever kills plants.

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