Fall Fitness – A Post from Caitlin Hudson

Monday, October 14, 2013

Whaddup everyone! While I nurse one sweet respiatory infection, my friend Caitlin is here to tell you about keeping fit in the Fall. She has great tips, especially for a busy Mom on-the-go! Check it out:

Ah, fall. It’s my favorite season. The hot summer has finally tapered off. I can enjoy moderate days, cool nights and pumpkin-flavored everything. Wait a minute. Did it really just get that cold outside? I was running every morning after dropping the kids off at school. Now what am I going to do?! I always have this moment of panic. I love summer for exercising outside, but fall starts to make this really unrealistic. I actually have gone running in 15-degree weather, and I don’t recommend it. But I want to combat the weight gain that is notorious as we head into the holidays. It’s time to bring it all indoors.

Stay Motivated

So many people find that their self-control goes right out the window in the fall. C’mon, we’re really busy. School schedules just got really crazy, soccer is still going and basketball is starting. I already feel like a chauffeur. And then the holidays are right around the corner. Hello, pie? Cookies? Cakes? Just because I can hide behind a cable-knit sweater and fat jeans doesn’t mean I should. Experts say that adults can bump up the scale by 5-7 pounds by New Year’s. Others say that it’s more like a single pound, once all the water retention has dropped off. But they all agree that the weight we put on is unlikely to come off. Even if I only gained a pound, 20-30 years of that could be a real problem.

Why go indoors? It can be really cold and uncomfortable outside. You might be a nut like me who sometimes goes running in the ice and snow anyway. But more than once a week of that is a real motivation-killer for me. Honestly, I really don’t want to head out worrying that I won’t be able to feel my toes when I come back. Indoor workouts can be just as efficient. I save time by staying home because I don’t have to dress up much as I would to brave the cold outside or even to go to the gym.

Choices, choices

Exercising at home got a lot easier once I realized that I didn’t have to build a gym in my house to get a great workout. When I was first working out, I started out with yoga and Pilates videos. Really, all I needed for that was a good yoga mat that I was able to order online. As I got more into it, I decided I needed to vary my workouts. Free weights are a great start. These days, I don’t have a whole set of varying weights. Instead, I have this set of dumbbells, with 3 different weights that take up much less space and saved me money in the long run.

I love a good high-intensity workout. I don’t have much time with my busy schedule, so I need to maximize my time. I don’t want an hour-long workout–I want to be done in a half-hour or less so I can live my life. I’m looking forward to checking out the 21 Day Fix Program from Beachbody (the p90x people) when it comes out next February. It’s a combination of diet and simple workouts that can help us to stay on track through to spring and maybe undo some of the damage we caused between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Fall can be a really good time for holiday enjoyment, and a really bad time for my diet. This year, I’m already bringing my workouts indoors so that I can stay swimsuit-ready once next summer comes.

Thanks, Caitlin, for sharing your tips! I will definitely be checking out the 21 Day Fix Program. That is my cup of Earl Grey tea. And we are firm believers that you should have workout equipment IN your home. I rarely go to the gym, but I have weights, INSANITY, a yoga mat and resistance bands at home that I use often.

So do you have any tips for working out in the fall? Do you also gain 24lbs on Christmas Eve alone? Leftovers, people...a blessing and a curse. 

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