Halloween-ified Porch

Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's officially October! Bring out the Halloween stuff! Or, make your Mom come down and bring you her stuff. It's okay because she didn't want it anymore. Can't say no to free stuff...unless its used needles. Safety first everybody.

Moving on.

Here is our "Halloween-ified" Porch.

The flowers are from Lowes, the basket I own and added the ribbon from my fall wreath after adding the "boo" sign on my wreath. It is more festive. The black and white bucket holding the red Mums is actually an old Pale of Jack's that I found in my basement. It was blue and still had beach sand in it. I just painted it and poked a hole in the bottom for the water to drain a bit. More on that later.

The pumpkin/witch/scarecrow (or as I like to say -- pumpitchcrow) is from my Momma.

Sign (that lights up) and cat from my Mom as well. Black and white tin holding the little pumpkins is from Target.

Purty Mums.

Apparently my door is very dirty. Get on that Jon. Just kidding. Not really.
Jon was away on tour for a few weeks so Jack wanted to make "Jon Daddy a sign to see" Such a cutie. He got home this morning and we are SO HAPPY!

Want to know why there are wet footprints everywhere? No? Well I'm telling you anyways. This little cute Tiger helps me water the flowers (and pumpkins) every morning. He mostly waters himself and the ground.

So what about you? Any Halloween decorations yet? We have some inside too, but kept it simple.
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