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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Confession time...I am the biggest RHONJ fan you are likely to meet. I love those crazy, cray-cray ladies like you wouldn't believe. Jon loves it. 

I have a fiery temper like those girls too but it rarely comes out. We are similar in so many ways. Here are a few examples.

When someone tells me they are out of cream for my coffee.

Or when Jon tells me to turn off the RHONJ.

And then I don't and I'm all

Or when I walk into an argument and they spot me.

When they finally bring dessert to my table.

While I'm cutting onions

When I watch people argue

After Jack goes to bed 

When anyone offers mushrooms.

Me...at the gym...always.

When Jon tells me to hurry to get ready

Me trying to give Jack a mohawk

When Jon asks if the chicken is cooked all the way through

Whenever I drive at 55mph

When Rick says I have horrible taste in TV

My everyday with Jack

When tantrums strike

On the phone with...everyone. Text please.

When Jon is about to tell company that the appetizer is store bought.

When I want my pizza NOW.

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