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Thursday, October 24, 2013

I haven't done a post about what we have been up to in a LOOONG time. These are always my favorite posts with blogs I read. A love a little looksy into their lives.

Lately with us, Jack has been loving preschool and misses his friends when he is not there. It is such a great feeling seeing kids run up to him when he gets there and yell "JACK! JACK!" My little guy, Mr. Popular already. He had his picture day this Wednesday...yup, his first ever "picture day" I may have cried.

Around the house, we are starting to get ready for Halloween. Jack wanted to be a race car driver for a few months but changed his mind and wants to be Thomas the Train (which I love). It came in today and he HATED it. So, as a normal human, I put it on to show him it was soooo cooo00oool. Yeah, didn't happen. My Mother-In-Law suggested he be a rockstar since he won't even know he is dressed up. So now, he will be a rocker.

I am also starting to plan his birthday party that is in less than a month...Yeah. This little baby is no baby anymore ;-( He asked for a Thomas themed birthday. Actually, he asks for it every day. Except today it was Cars themed...can you do both? I may have to.

In big big CRAZY BIG so proud news...Jon ran his first marathon after only training for 6 months. And he finished just short of 5 hours. It was the Chicago Marathon which he said is a great place to start since it is mostly flat. I don't mean to brag but...come on. Pretty impressive. The morning that he left, Jack was a little upset since he just got home from a 3-week tour.

So he did the only normal thing and tried to hide in his suitcase...

We are so proud of him and VERY happy that he will not be leaving any time soon for tour or business. We need him here for our sanity.

"I read like Daddy"
Recently, I cut my bangs. I just did not like the growing out process and thought it was very boring on me. So chop, chop and voila! Free bangs. That sounds bad. The only way I get ready during the day (when Jack won't nap) is to have him play in the bathroom (and destroy things) or let him watch videos of people building cars. He loves to watch it and will tell us how they make cars after.

On the home front, Jon moved the washer and dryer to a better position since before I could barely open the doors to switch the laundry. Now it is easy peasy and is kicking my butt in gear to start our laundry room make over. I am still on the fence about the pedestals...they were a lot of money, so if anyone wants them let me know!

This is our friend, Mr. Bunny. Mr. Bunny loves the dying tree in our back yard and Jack loves to watch him and "sneak" up on him aka run screaming towards him. Mr. Bunny then bolts into the woods and we have to go look for him.

Ahh, the woods. So purdy this time of the year.

We never find him or his mommy and daddy, but I always love heading back there to explore with Jack. He is such a cutie, until he tries to steal my camera. Evidence of that above.

Our old, somehow still alive, cat is being a real pain in my already nonexistent butt. All she wants is Jon. When he is gone, she sleeps on his side of the bed, meows at all hours of the night and swats at me if I even dare come near her. I will fight you for his love, Kasie. come at me bro.

In other news...I have decided to officially launch my photography business. It is still barely in motion and I have no website or anything like that yet, but I am officially taking on clients (mostly family, friends and acquaintances of friends/family) at a very low rate so I can slowly start to build my portfolio. Hopefully within a year it will be up and running, but it is nothing i am going to rush into. I never want to turn my passion into something that overwhelms me. 

So what is going on lately with you? Halloween costumes planned? Also have a crazed, jealous and old cat that tries to steal your husband? Do tell. 

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