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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm sure the view below is familiar to the majority of you. Toys thrown about, stuffed crammed to fit so you can close the doors and try and mask the chaos that lies beneath. The sad thing is, this isn't even half of Jack's toys. We still have the stuff in his room, basement and the garage. BUT. The toys here are the ones he plays with everyday and the ones that we see most often. The other night I was so sick of how it looked that I had to take action. Call me Captain Toy Organizer. Captain Toyganizer for short. I like the sound of that. I sound like a rebel. REBEL WITH A CAUSE TO ORGANIZE.

EXHIBIT A: Lets call this space the Homeland. Jack always runs inside right to the built-ins and rips EVERYTHING out. Puzzles, books, cars, "his animals" and whatever else is in there. I don't know what is there because he won't let me play with him. He thinks I am "boring". PFFT.

I was just so sick of him asking where things were and none of us ever had a clue, so I took action. We went to Target aka Heaven and bought a few organizing bins. At normal price it would have cost us $18 but we got them for clearance so it was $10 total. BOO YA!

So we have the big cars on the top since they can't fit into the bins, and medium cars in one bin with stuff like his bowling set, his doctor set and other non-car things. The stuffed animals went upstairs where they belong.

On the other side, the big big bin holds his puzzles and activity stuff, another spare bin I had around the house holds his books. I'll replace it with another blue one when we go back to Target.

Ahhh,  love it.

NEXT we have his train set. We are constantly digging for the right tracks, connector things and towers.

NOW we organized the tracks, the bridges/tunnels, and the trains and accessories into bins I had around the house.


Ahhh, much better. So how do you organize the toys in your house? Any other tips? Not going to lie, I found 23 hot wheels and trains under our couch the other day. I think I should check under there more often...

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