Pumpkins anyone?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Our porch is officially spook-ified! Although, this is as spooky as Scooby Doo (Gosh there is a toddler present! No zombies here!), it was a lot of fun putting the porch together with Jack.

Well...kind of. Shall we start from the beginning? K.

Part One: I try and take a cute family picture thinking tonight was going to be PERFECT. That Jack was going to carve a realistic picture of the Mona Lisa into his pumpkin and I would take like a MILLION pictures. I mean...what Mom doesn't think that about their two-year-old (am I right?) We would then place all of the pumpkin seeds on a baking sheet and cook them PERFECTLY for Jon.

Part Two: Wrong.

If you can't tell what that is...it is the pumpkin seeds that Jack threw on the floor and then the half burnt pumpkin seeds that were salvaged.

But, it was still a fun night despite my vision of it going as smooth as a naked Turkey's bottom. 

After I carved the pumpkins (since my helper was NOT interested) we brought them outside and lit them. I then battled a two-inch wide spider (by battle I mean blew him away like the big-bad-wolf -- you know like huff, puff then run away screaming?), I plugged in the ghost light thing and snapped some pictures.

I love it and it makes me excited for Halloween!

So how have you decorated for Halloween? What are you going to be? Jack is deciding between a Rockstar and a ghost...yes he changed his mind again. 

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