A very simple, 5-minute wreath

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Like I said before, I love a very simple wreath. Check out some examples here and here. I find that once the wreath is covered in a lot of ribbons, bows, ornaments, animals, people, etc that is looks way to busy. I'm a simple gal. 

So, I used the wreath that I already owned, took off the Halloween stuff and added some berry picks from A.C. Moore. It cost $1.99 since they are having a big 50% off sale. VICTORY.

They are more of a berry/burgundy (who is excited for Anchorman 2! I am?) color in real life, but appear more orange/red in the pictures.

You just shove the picks into the wreath and give them a twist to secure them. I just made sure to space it out evenly. 

And from the side!

So what kind of wreath do you like? Burlap bows? Ornaments? Berry Picks? Feel free to share!

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