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Thursday, November 7, 2013

"I have a lot to do, Mommy!"

And that I do. I am sitting here at my desk (for the first time, normally I park my butt on the couch but figured I should get some use out of the desk) typing this post when I have a  to do list the size of Kim Kardashian's butt. That's big. On a side note, I think she is absolutely goooooorgeousssssssssss. A little dim in the brain department, but a stunner in the looks department. Side note over.

I have a ton of personal, blog related, work related, family related stuff that needs to be done by Sunday and our house is a hot mess. Since I have been so sick the past month with a respitory infection, I pulled my muscles in my ribs from coughing so much and it causes a lot of pain. Especially when I laugh...which is alot. I am supposed to be on bed rest and can't lift anything over 10lbs...YEAH RIGHT. I am with a toddler all day and work all night. Not happening. Essentially I have to cough like Zoolander.

I get very overwhelmed when I have a lot going on and turn into the swamp thing. You should see how I look now. I dropped Jack off at preschool looking like a cross between Rose Ann and a wet rat. That makes no sense but it was just not good. One of my favorite bloggers is Megan from Honey We're Home. A few weeks back, she posted about something similar and how she deals with a giant to do list. She called it her Master List and I came up with my own as well. Hopefully this will help me get everything done.

With work, home, kids, husbands, social lives (what is that?) etc., how do you get it all done? What are your tips? Wish me luck today and this weekend. I sure need it!

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