Parks and Mel

Friday, November 15, 2013

So I just recently started watching Parks and Rec and I cannnnnoooot handle how funny that show is. Holy Moly. Jon heard me cackle/cry/laugh from his office. I relate to some of the characters's how:

When I'm at any party...ever.


When I try and show people my black belt skillz.

Howz I now talk after I hasd a baby.

When I try and dive for a football.

When the weird guy I know tries to approach me

When Jon is on a very important call and I'm in the back all like..

When anyone says anything about sports.

When people offer salads and I want steak.

When I try and eat bananas.

When someone you just meet tries to get all serious on you.

What I say after I throw the catchphrase device at someone for guessing wrong.

When someone asks me if I'm ok after Jack tackles me.

After I see anything involving Miley Cyrus

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