Simple Holiday Decor

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I know, I's still November...BUT this is a post dedicated to Holiday decor. I don't think I did too much. But the day after Thanksgiving it is gonna get crazy up in here. Santa will think he lives here! ...wait.

I bought the Poinsettias at Lowes. The smaller ones were about $3 each and the larger one was $6.

On the table behind our couch, I put two books to read to Jack before he goes to bed. Since we read downstairs then in his room, these would be easy to grab. I always, alwaaaaays take the book covers off if they are books I want to have for a long time. Jack normally tears them (since he is two obviously) The one on top is The Polar Express and the book below that is The Night Before Christmas. It has more pictures than words which will help keep kids engaged. I bought the second book at Michaels for $9.

This bowl was a gift from our dear friend Kristen who came over on Saturday night for some drinks and food. We had a blast and she surprised me with this GORGEOUS bowl and Jon with a bottle of Scotch. Two happy campers right here! I can't wait to put ornaments in it for a nice display.

Our wreath on the front door is from I will do a whole post about them in a few days. I can't wait till you see what we did!

It's real which I love and smells SUPERB. I opened the box and practically starting Ho ho ho-ing.

Also on saturday night, when Kristen came to the door (Jack was having a tantrum) and when we opened it there was practically a snow storm! It was nuts. It cheered Jack right up but he was bummed in the morning when it was pretty much all gone. Just a dusting.

I just had to share these pictures...Jack giving Kasie "kisses"

This purdy lady is getting pretty old and slowing down. I think we have a few years left with her. There is a little sneak peek behind her which I will share soon. Maybe very soon...and no, its not the Octonots(sp?)..... maniacal laughhhh (I hope you get that Muppets reference)

Soooo be honest....have you started to decorate yet? I see people with trees up already! But I'm not judging. I would have it up all year if I could.

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