Country Mischief

Friday, December 20, 2013

A few weeks back, my Auntie Lorrie invited me to a lovely little store in Templeton, Mass called Country Mischief. I love primitive decor and this was the perfect place to visit when I was on the hunt for some Christmas decor! My sister Grace joined us and before we got our shop on, we ate the BEST lunch I have had in a while. Right now I am eating bacon and cookie dough with a glass of wine and it does NOT beat what we ate. It was a garlic bread sandwich with melted american cheese and meatloaf in the middle. My mouth is salivating as I think of it. Topped off with a nice glass of coke and I was in heaven. De-icious! As Jack says. 

There is my sweet as pie Auntie Lorrie (Hi Auntie!) I have to do a tour of her house for the Holidays (is that ok Auntie? haha) She was like a celebrity walking into the store. She is a regular!

So enough about food (mmmm, cheese), lets take a little tour shall we?

Here is one awesome piece that would be fun to put in a kids room or even try and DIY something similar.

If I had a little girl, I would love these in her nursery!

Love the jars!

I would love this old vintage fan!

I would love some of the buckets below to put on the porch in the summer. The bucket with the number 8 would be perfect with fun, yellow flowers.

There are also a ton of awesome signs (like the Exit one below) that once we finish our basement I would love to put this going up the stairs!

LOVE the clock and the crazy looking scientist man.

These blocks would make a great gift for a baby shower spelling the babies name.

I NEED THESE PILLOWS. Especially since i want to host 4th of July this year after we build our patio table (more on that in the spring)

Adore the yellow!


Really cool old propellors. 

If I had a mudroom, I would love this framed calendar!

I almost, almost bought this for Jon and now I regret not doing it! Also love the numbers on the wall. You could totally buy a few for a special date like anniversaries or birthdays, etc.

There were about 30 rooms you could tour with tons of adorable trinkets and ornaments and everything you could DREAM of. If this is your style anyways. It totally is mine! I can't wait to go back! That day, I bought my sled that you saw on my porch (also can see below) and a room spray that makes it smell like Christmas trees. 

If you are ever in the area, check out Country Mischief!

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