Elf on a shelf...or back in the box.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

So, since Jack is at an age where he is more into Christmas, I wanted to get in the spirt and do some fun Christmasy stuff with him. First thing first, Elf on the shelf. I don't like the idea that he "watches" you to make sure you are good for Santa. If it actually worked, I would carry the elf on my shoulder all day every day so Jack was good year round.  Like a parrot. An elfarrot. Moving on.

So I was going to just hide him in fun places and every morning we would go find him!

I love the stamps from all over the world. 

So, in early December, he awoke from a nap and I thought it was a great time to show him his new friend.

Jon did this himself..


Yeah, not interested. Like, at all. Hopefully next year haha!

So does your family do the Elf on a shelf? I love looking at all of the pictures online of the Elf in some...compromising positions...too funny! 
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