Oh Christmas Tree...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hey everyone! I wanted to show you our Christmas tree this year. We love traditional colors, primitive ornaments (well, I do) and red, golds, silver, ("Siiillllver and gooooold, silver and goooooold" NAME THAT MOVIE!) etc. So that was the main plan with decorating the tree. After a few days, 15 broken shattered ornaments and one guilty toddler...we took the bulbs down and just have the soft ornaments left. Hopefully next year we can put them up and Mr. Hungry Hippo (hungry for ornaments? Don't question me) won't be so inclined to knock them off. ! Little stinker ;-)

I love the tree. It is simple and classic. We originally bought a 9ft tree for our high ceilings...BUT Jon cut the tree a bit short. I still love it though. It is our first Christmas tree in our new house! Woo to the HOO! I mean "HO TO THE HO!" No, that doesn't work...

Thank your for those who emailed me asking if all was ok in my strange mind. Everything has been fine, I just fell behind on a million things (like finally becoming a Mass-hole...only took a year!) and I needed to kick my butt into gear. But oh boy am I back. Back like Michael Jordan in Space Jam. 

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