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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hey, hey! So back when I had my "one year" blogiversary post, I asked you to email any questions you had about me, our life or our home. So, here they are! 

What do you and Jon like to do for date nights? - Meghan
Usually once a week we get a date night. I think they are so important as a couple and you should make them a priority. Thankfully, our my mother-in-law, Janie, is a SAINT and watches Jack for us to make sure we get that night to ourselves. Generally, we stay in and make dinner, tidy up the house and just relax. Sometimes we go catch a movie (we recently saw The Desolation of Smaug) or grab dinner with friends or by ourselves (can even be Bolocco which is one of our favorites haha). We just try and stay together, somewhere!

Where is your dream vacation? - Meghan
Easily, Middle Earth....I mean, New Zealand. I need to get there ASAP. I would also love to bar hop Ireland and England with my BFF Sarah. She doesn't know but I want to do that in a few years. We love a good beer! With Jon I would love to go to Italy, since he is Italian. As a family, I would love to explore all of Europe (like a month long trip) when Jack is old enough to care haha.

Favorite style for Moms on the go? - Meghan
Do sweatpants count? Kidding...kinda. I have a very active toddler. So I need to wear something that I can easily run in, bend in and hold him in. For me, it is skinny jeans, flats, and a casual top. No itchy sweaters or anything that will aggravate me. Also, I never wear clothes that I don't want to get dirty. I normally have food or drool on me and I don't want to wear a J Crew sweater when that happens! I love how Jessica Alba is dressed while with her kids.

Who is your all time favorite actor/actress? - Lisa
Jimmy Stewart and a tie between Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep

What celebrity are you told you look like the most? - Lisa
I get told at least once a week that I remind people of Zoey Deschanel in New Girl. I have never seen it, but people say it is a compliment...I hope. I also get that I look like Kate Beckinsale which I don't see personally but take it as the best compliment in history.

What is your perfect idea of a day to yourself? - Janis
I wish! An entire day/night to myself would be awesome. I think everyone needs it once in a while. I would say...roll out of bed at 9am, coffee, read blogs, get lunch at Panera, come home and watch a movie, maybe read a book, order take out (I would be lazy on this day), and grab a beer at a bar with Sarah or Lena. In bed by 11pm.

What song do you love to blast in the car? - Liz
When I am in a mood to dance - The Saturdays "What about us"
When I am in a relaxed mood - (don't make fun of me) The LOTR soundtrack "Concerning Hobbits"
Other songs I love to blast - Little Big Town "Pontoon", The Drums "I want to go surfing", The Black Keys "Lonely Boy" and Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run"

What would spend a million dollars on? - Liz
Hmm, I would say Jack's college savings, donate a ton to Children's hospitals, help out relatives and put the rest in savings.

What actor (if you weren't married) would you want to marry? - Ali
Easily, hands down, Aidan Turner. Sweet Mother of all that is Holy he is so delicious.

He is laughing at my jokes.

Favorite band? Favorite book? Favorite movie? - Ali
Kings of Leon, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings

What is the favorite room in your house? Favorite project done so far? - Melanie
Living room and kitchen would be my favorite. Favorite project would be our DIY shelf in the sunroom and our garage floors (will post soon)

Have you thought about doing a Vlog? I think you would be great! - Melanie
Thanks Melanie! Absolutely, just need to figure out iMovie or whatever it is called :-)

Any more kiddos soon? - Melanie
Nooooo we are done. We loved being pregnant and we love Jack with all that we have...but we also love to sleep. The urge to have another comes and goes, but for us we just want Jack :-)

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