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Friday, January 31, 2014

I have never set New Years resolutions that I didn't break. Like that one time I wanted to train to skateboard off a camel, through a ring of fire and land on Richard Armitage's lap. Totes not realistic. So this year, I wanted to set realistic goals that I could actually follow through on. Now that the first month is over, I have done a pretty good job at meeting the goals. I wanted to test it first before I went all HEAR YEE HEAR YEE, HERE ARE MY GOALSEAS.


1.) Be more SOCIAL. A lot of people think I am a social chatterbox (no clue why). The thing is...I am pretty much a hermit who is more comfortable in her home. I have a hard time branching out to new friends and dipping my toes in the social pool. I wanted to stop because it won't be good for Jack in a few years when he starts school. So, the other night, I finally sent out an email to other Mom's in the playgroup that we have in town to do a MOMS NIGHT OUT! Once a month we all get together..no kids, no husbands. Just us girls and a fun theme to go along with it! I am hosting the first one some time in late February and am very excited. Naturally I was terrified they would all think I am some looney bin, but they were all on board and thought it was a great idea! More on that to come.
2.) No Dunkin' Donuts. Yup, you read that right! Both of us realized we spent way too much money on Coffee while were out. I'm talking' like $50 a month on coffee and bagels. We have a coffee maker at home so it makes NO SENSE. It was such a waste of money so we vowed to no longer buy our coffee while we are out. Unless we are going out for a coffee date, grab coffee with my Auntie. We just need to get travel mugs with a lid so we aren't spilling coffee with every bump in the road.
3.) Be more active with Jack. I love Jack. I love him with every fiber of my being. But I don't like wrestling, or crashing cars into each other or all of the other boy things he loves. I am a girly girl. I have a hard time doing those things. But this month I told myself to suck it up and just have fun. But not gonna lie...at the end of the day, I may want a nice glass or two of wine.
4.) Sleep more. I am not a happy camper if I get less than 8 hours of sleep. Ask Jon. But since Jack still wakes up a few times a night, I don't sleep well. I have started napping when he does rather than worrying about chores or emails. It has helped a lot when I do even though our house looks like Toys R Us exploded while crashing into Crumb City.
5.) Love more. Jon, Jack, family, friends. Just send them cute texts or notes of appreciation and show them they mean something to me. It may sound like a big ol' piece of cheesy pie, but I love putting a smile on the faces of those I lurve.

So how are your goals going? Anything you didn't do so hot on? 
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