Hosting our first Holiday Party

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hey everyone! I had a lot of emails from my blogiversary post with personal questions that I will be here to answer tomorrow. So stay tuned!
On January 1st, we had our very first holiday party. I was a nervious wreck that something awful would happen, that people would instantly barf when tasting MY FOOD. I REPEAT, MY FOOD. I MADE IT. ME. YES, THE GIRL THAT CAN BARELY COOK CHICKEN. But, everyone survived and said they loved it. I hope they weren't lying :-)
The night before, I grabbed some items for the table setting to try and make it look festive and holiday-esque. I came up with a lot of red, green and brown. Bada boom bada...tables.....shh.
After it was all set up, we got this beaty which I LOVE. We had a total of 17 people on a table that fits 12-14 comfortably, so it was a challenge.

The beverage center was decked out as well. I used my DIY Chalkboard frame to write "Happy Holidays" (obviously) and on the bar we had punch for the kiddos, wine and wine glasses and a bucket of Champagne. In the fridge below the chalkboard sign was the beer and soda. I always have a bowl of lemons and limes for those (like myself) who like to add them to my drinks.

As usual, I ran out of time to blow up all of the balloons, but I did add some outside! It was my sister Grace's 30th birthday that day, so it was an extra reason to celebrate!

On our main island in the kitchen, we had the dessert display and the appetizers as well for easy access.

The tree of gifts!

After 234 hours of trying to re-heat some of the food (I swear our oven/microwave decided to be a bum and not work for me), we had our MAIN MEAL! It was turkey (also my first time making it and everyone loved it), mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, mac and cheese, peas, corn, stuffing, croissants and apple sauce, cranberry sauce and gravy on the side. Mmmm mmm mmmmmmmm!

Overall it was a great success and we had such a blast!
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