Cape Cod 2013

Saturday, February 1, 2014

One of my first blog posts was reminiscing about our trip to the Cape in 2012. (Actually, it was just around the same time last year that I did that post, so lets keep tradition alive)
This year, we went again to our friend Rick's beach house. It was interesting this time around since Jack was not, I REPEAT, not listening/cooperative the entire time. So most of it was was more stressful than enjoyable, but hey, that's life sometimes with a toddler (he was 2.5 years old then). It made for some interesting memories :-) 

We made our way down that night thinking Jack would sleep and we could start the day early. It kind of worked out, but not really. We got there late, put Jack to bed and hung out watching basketball with Rick before we went to bed. The morning after, we had one awesome pancake breakfast then we played outside on Rick's raft. Rick is amazing with Jack and always lends a helping hand. It's great to have a friend like Uncle Buddy (and he is also our neighbor! Double points) 

That morning, we took the rafts out on the little pond near Rick's house. I was very hesitant because I knew Jack would try and hang off the side of the raft or jump in. So it was a five minute event. I'm thinking this year he will be older (3.5 years old) so we can try again.

That afternoon we went to the beach! It was very hot, almost too hot, so Jack didn't last long. But I still loved swishing him around the ocean water and seeing him play in the sand and play ball with Jon. 

When he started to get fussy, we packed up and left while the others stayed (I admit, I was very jealous) especially since he didn't even take a nap! But he needed a change of scenery.

Later that afternoon was spent playing football in the yard, taking a walk, eating glorious summer food (my favorite) and then going to visit Gray's beach and an ice cream shop. 

Here's to hoping this summer will be a bit easier than last years :-) 
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