Christmas Traditions...three months late

Monday, February 10, 2014

So, just like last year....I am posting a bit late on the Christmas festivities. At least its not in July this time! I figured I will break it up into days.

This Christmas was awesome. It was our first Holiday in the new house and Jack is at the age where he loves all things Christmas and Santa. I decided to start some traditions (like Elf on a Shelf, baking cookies and a Christmas countdown to name a few.)

Elf on a Shelf lasted a few days. I'm talking' 3 days. Jack had no interest. Maybe next year!

On to the next tradition! COOKIES AKA MY HEAVEN

One night, we went to Target and picked up some cookie mix (ain't nobody got time for homemade) and went to town. We even wore our (well, my) aprons. 

Jack wanted to add chocolate frosting and sprinkles. We had some candy cane sprinkles and he though they were J's so he said they were all for him...tricky hobbitses.

Also at Target (I should just move in) we grabbed this Christmas Countdown chalkboard. I was going to make one but forgot to in time. So I grabbed this for $1 and called it a day. 

8 days to go disguised as a snowman! BOO YA FROSTY

I also pulled out all of my Rudolph collectibles that my Mom collected for me over the years. They are very special to me and since Jack loves Rudolph, I had to share!

Now this one is very special to Jon. He came up with the great idea of buying a saw for our tree that we use every year to cut down. Once Jack is old enough for his own family (tears flowing from face) we will pass the saw on. Jon ordered it from England and it is gorgeous!

Another tradition that we started at age 2 was writing Santa a letter! I asked what he wanted me to write..this was it! 

Pretty sky after a storm

Hot cocoa is a must..

We forgot Elf at our neighborhood holiday party so our neighbors left him on our sled and we didn't notice until days later when he was frozen to the sled..oops!

This was Jack's first time sledding and he loved it (although, I think Jon enjoyed it more!)

A tradition as a couple will be seeing It's a Wonderful Life at the Strand every year. It was magical.

And the big ticket item...seeing Santa! Last year we went to Jordan's in Avon for The Enchanted Village but this year we just went to the Natick Mall to avoid the 45 hour line. Long wait/line with a toddler = my idea of the worst day ever.

When Jack saw Santa, he was so mesmerized and just wanted to talk to him to tell him what he wanted for Christmas. Santa then gave Jack a little coloring book and Jack went up to Jon and Janie (Jack's Noni) and was SO excited that Santa have HIM a coloring book. They both said Jack's excitement was one of the cuter things they had seen. I missed it while I was paying but boy do I wish I saw it! 

Oh and I can't forget...our family Christmas card! I send it out before Thanksgiving (which people gave me crap for, but I like to get my moneys worth and have them out for both Holidays)

Next up, cutting our first tree!

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