Downton Ricci

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

LATEST OBSESSION ALERT! Downton Abbey has taken over every spare moment of my life. This is my face when I see that little Labradors bottom in the opening credits. Hands and neck veins included.

Enough yapping and T-rex hands. Lets get down to bidness, shall we?

Our reaction when I finally did a squat correctly. #3,456timesacharm

When a neighbor/delivery man comes over and Jack throws poop or is licking the floor.

The type of pick up line I say to Jon when I walk into his office

When friends with no kids ask to party on a weekend

When Shaun T says there's another round of power jumps

When there's no cream for my coffee #thestruggle

The face I make when I challenge someone to a dance off. Challenge accepted. 

When a stranger compliments my outfit.

What I feel like saying to many, many people.

The face I make when Jon takes his shirt off. Yeah, I said it.

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