Gray's Beach

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Do you have a place that is very special to you and brings back a flood of wonderful, happy and romantic memories? We do. It's called Gray's Beach and it is the place that Jon proposed to me. Like a good future fiancĂ©, Jon knew I everything that has to do with Cape Cod. The sights, the smells, the water, the shops. So, Jon did his homework and found this amazing location that neither of us had been to.  Here are some pictures of when he proposed.

So this past summer, we had a chance to go visit Gray's Beach and brought Jack with us as well. He was asleep for most of it (thankfully because the entire trip he was SO fussy), so we were able to slowly walk up and down and just take in the memories.

(Unfortunately I had no clue how to use the correct setting of my Nikon yet, so the colors are off. Picture Ireland in Cape Cod. The grass was truly, emerald green. I will return this summer for better pictures!) 

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