Tree Pickers

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Not be confused with nose pickers. That's a post for another day. In early December, we wanted to get our Christmas Tree from a local farm and chop it down ourselves using the saw that Jon bought from the UK. The saw ended up shipping a few weeks late and a certain Christmas monster was getting her wonderful husband brought them to the local Farmers Market called Bolton Orchards and we got our tree on!

It was a blast and Jack's first time helping us pick out our tree.

 Tyler the puppy had to come, of course.
 Bolton Orchards is a bonus to living in a small town. They deck the place out for the Holidays with wreaths (majority are real), trees and decor inside.

 "Shhh, the apples are sleeping"...although I am sure Jack woke them up. I heard one complaining to the manager. Pffft, produce can be so rude sometimes!
 Inside is a small grocery mart and also filled with mini shops like a deli bar, dessert bar and a small coffee shop that my Auntie and I frequently get coffee from.
 Once we strapped the 9ft tree onto our honda....yeah not kidding...we put it in our garage for a bit of trimming. Jack flung the branches that Jon cut. He is such a good helper. And yes, PJ's are necessary!

 Easily one of my favorite photos and what Jon has been looking forward to for years. That is one thing I love about him. He is so sentimental and involved with making memories with Jack. Lucky girl.

 Once we hacked off like 12ft of the tree (accident), we brought that bad Larry inside to set it up.
 Just call me Jack Shady! Actually, please don't.
And here is the baby after the decorations were up. Side note...never put glass ornaments on your tree with a mischievous will be cleaning glass everyday off the floor :-) As you can tell, the tree is quite short for out 9ft ceilings. We didn't realize when we were cutting just HOW MUCH we were sawing off. We could have just bought an 8ft tree and not had to have trimmed it...lesson learned!
To see more of our tree and Holiday decor this year, check out our decor page.
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