10 Random Things

Friday, March 28, 2014

1) I get incredibly sad after I watch movies with Jimmy Stewart. He is my favorite actor and I adore him so much that I get upset knowing that he has passed away (back in 1999...but still). So strange, but I just love that man. It is almost like a Grandfather that passed away and you watch an old video of him. I just feel a strong connection to him. When I hear the song "Auld Lang Syne" I also get emotional since that song was played at his funeral and reminds me of the final scene in "It's A Wonderful Life". I have actually never shared this with anyone before!

read about our trip to see It's A Wonderful Life this past winter

2) I have to fall asleep with the TV on every night. Normally I play the same movie over and over again and don't even watch it. I just need the light and sound. Jon hates this :-) Right now we have the Special Features DVD of The Hobbit ;-)

3) I'd like to create a line of aprons. Classy aprons, not ones with lame designs on them like I normally see.

4) One day we will get a bigger home with a bigger yard. Preferably an old country house with a large yard. I really want to grow a big english-style garden with a vegetable garden as well. I am terrified of bugs so lets see how that goes...

5) My eyes are green and yellow and sometimes turn gray depending on what I wear. Jack calls them snake eyes...I also have pale, pale skin and orange freckles.

6) I am the biggest flirt in town. I flirt with all walks of life. It is just natural! I can't help it! I don't mean anything by it but dang, if a tree could talk I would probably flirt with that too!

7) When I have a giant to-do list and nothing has been done so far, I write down things I have already done and cross them off...just to make it look like I have put a dent in my list. It gives me the fire I need to get off my butt and get the stuff on the list done.

8) I have scoliosis and it is bad enough that I will need to get my spine straightened (surgically, no brace) one day. Once I get the surgery, I will go from 5'3 to the height I am supposed to be...5'6. THAT will be weird since I am so used to being short.

9) I have a deep voice for a girl. Jon told me that he had to get used to it! #manvoiceforlyfe

10) Sleeping in makes me feel guilty. My mother-in-law watches Jack for us once or twice a week which is the most helpful thing in the entire world. A lot of people would sleep in, but if I sleep past 9am I feel so guilty thinking of all the stuff I could have finished by then (cleaning, to-do list stuff, blogging, work, etc).

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