Cracks on cracks on cracks

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Owning your own home is obviously a great thing. You can walk around naked, have dance parties to The Saturdays while cleaning and you can throw a party whenever. There are obviously more important things as well but sometimes...things aren't so fun.

Our house is settling right now. It is trying to figure out its resting place. During this has started to crack our walls, shift our counters and have our stairs start to come off the wall. Dear stairs, this isn't Hogwarts. Please stay attached to the wall at all times.
Now i am known for exaggerating from time-to-time, so forgive me if I seem like I'm whining. But it drives me bonkers. We won't fix the cracks until the house seems somewhat settled because its pointless.

Here are a FEW examples.

This is the window in our dining room. At first i thought they just did a bad job with caulking (haha...) but then Jon told me about settling and how it changes the house a bit.
 Literally, the entire window on the right side was just like "ha, peace out wall" (in Jay-Z voice)
 Random wall in the sunroom
 THIS IS NOT OK. Our bar counter is legit coming off the wall.
 Next to our fireplace, the paint decided to fall off.
 I don't even know.

Basically, this is me when I see a new crack

Like I said. Owning a home is the best thing that has happened to us and designing it to our taste was incredible. But I'm just showing you some of the downsides to homeownership. Today our hood thing above the stove started RAINING.

Apparently, water got trapped (I swear I thought I heard rain dripping into the hood but thought I was nuts) and started to leak out. It was fixed today (we hope!)

So what craziness is happening in your house?

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