Feeling lucky

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I am not the typical person that hates hearing a woman or a man gush and gush about their significant other. A lot of people on Facebook, twitter, MySpace (hahaha) etc., always say they don't care about your husband/wife/boyfriend and to keep that stuff private. Well, not me. I love seeing it. I love hearing about it. Having a supportive life partner is something that I wish everyone could have. Thankfully, I have my Jon. The strawberry filling to my nutri-grain bar. The spoon to my jar of Nutella. The butter to my grilled cheese. I love that man. And I am very lucky to have him.

Now don't get me wrong. I would say half the time we are together, we want to throw the other one outside and lock the door. We get on each others nerves a lot. We are complete and total opposites. We even joke that Jon is the "woman" of the relationship.

But, this morning as Jon was getting ready for a meeting, I sat with him in our bedroom as he was getting ready. We had nice "life" conversations and shared our goals and dreams with each other. Just as Jon was about to go in the shower, I started to get my coffee and head downstairs and he asked me to stay with him. (Not like that people). Just stay in the bathroom while he showered "because I love having you near me." I almost melted onto the floor. This guy, this crazy guy that I married...the one that drives me BONKERS and is kinda needy...just, simply, needs me. I thought it was so sweet. In that moment, I just felt so lucky to have a husband who loves being around me. Maybe not when I am PMS-ing, or incredibly hyper or watching a Pixar movie, but wants me near him when I look like the swamp thing, just to have light conversation.

I'm so proud of him and all that he does for us. He is a brilliant man with the best
"go-getter" personality and I am so glad that one of us is like that because my nickname could be "procrasti-girl!"

Now enough mushy stuff. Oh, wait. Just one more thing.

I am the luckiest.

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