If you really knew me...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sometimes its fun to get personal and share awkward pictures of yore...

-You would know that I am incredibly jumpy. Jon thought I was being dramatic when we first met, but more than five years later, I still jump at every loud noise. 
In a small plane in NH this summer.
-You would know that I am incredibly private and open up to maybe three people. Maybe. 
Last Spring at Cirque Du Soleil in Boston, MA
-You would know that I'm not as strong as you think I am. I have a facade up so people don't think I'm weak. I think it is from me being the baby of the family. But I am weak, at times. I cry, I get nervous and I struggle with insecurities daily. 
???? In 2009
-You would know that I am incredibly insecure and am way too hard on myself. In life, love, parenthood, work. All I do is doubt myself. I failed my drivers test 5 times because I erased all of my answers (which were all right) and put others since "I knew I must be wrong". I didn't realize I was so hard on myself until the officer administering the test pulled me aside and had a great heart-to-heart with me about it. I never thanked him properly. 
4-Wheeling in 2010 and apparently 4 months pregnant
-You would know that I am a hermit. I prefer being home than going out. In fact, the perfect night for me ends in watching a movie while stuffing my face with popcorn. Jon is the opposite. He loves going out places and meeting new people. He is 100% an extrovert while I am an introvert. This is something I need to (but don't really want to) work on.
Jon's 27th Birthday in 2009 (I think)
-You would know that I hate hearing people complain. Yet, here I am...complaining. 
I asked for Deluxe Mac & Cheese for my birthday. My Uncle bought me like 40 boxes. Best. Uncle. Ever.
-You would know that I want to be an actress, but suffer from stage fright.
Acting Class with Sarah in 1999?
-You would know that if I'm quiet, (a rare occasion) I am either very sad or very angry.
In 2011 at LANSDOWNE show.

-If you know me, you know that I am a very loyal friend. I will have your back and keep you safe. Especially my Sarah.

-If you know me, you know that I am a great mother. Jack is the best thing to ever happen to me. We have tough days, but hell. HE IS THREE.
4th of July 2011 at Mark and Suzanne's in Boston, MA. 
-If you know me, you know that I love trying new foods and being in the company of those I love.
With Ali in summer 2010
-If you know me, you know my jokes are horrendous. But I feel like it is my job in life to make others laugh. I will try my hardest until I succeed in seeing you laugh.
With Lena in June 2013
-If you know me, you know that I wish I could be on the beach everyday.
Cape Cod 2009
-If you know me, you know I am starting my own business and am very nervous, yet excited about it.
Thinking Selfie? January 2014
-If you know me, you know that I love you with all of my heart. I sometimes may not show it, or may disappear from your life for a bit of time...but I still love you, and I hope that you see and feel that.
Pretending to be a rum-drunk Pirate in 2009 with Mary in Salem, MA
- If you know me, you know that I love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings more than I love people.
At The Deathly Hallows premiere in 2011

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