Jack's Room

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I am almost done with Jack Attack's room. Minor touch ups and and some more art on the wall and I am calling his room done-zo! Here is where we are at so far:

This is the main wall of the room. I did a chalkboard wall way back when we first moved in. Jack loves moons, so I drew a bunch of moons with chalk as if they were all strung up. Them just drew "welcome to Jack's room" (obviously) as well. Before I had this wall pretty bare because we drew on it a lot, but now he isn't interested in it much anymore, so I made it more decorative.
Jack has more toys than Toys R Us, so they are all in the bins, baskets, closet and the large wicker basket.
On the other side we have the train table that we pull out into the middle of the room if we are playing trains together or when he has a friend over. Much easier! 

So there is his room so far! I think kids rooms should be fun and so far I feel like I have done a good job at it. Definitely the best room in the house! Awww yeah, slap some skin. That's a high five right?
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