Laundry Room Makeover: Peace out, grout.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

If you follow me on Instagram of Facebook, you know that I was a little bit excited about a product called Grout Renew. That ish transformed our laundry room from horrendous to FAB-U-LOUS (include a Kenya Moore twirl, child.)

I have wanted to get rid of the grout color since the day we moved in. I'm pretty sure Jon asked what color I wanted it and I said gray...I think I was under the influence of "I need a nap". That is a strong drug. Moving on now.

When I saw my favorite DIY bloggers, YHL post about it, I knew I had to grab some ASAP.
So Friday, we went straight to nearest Home Depot and got our shop on.
 Jack knows his way around HD by now..
Back home, I grabbed a craft paint brush (as Sherry suggested) and went to town. Jack helped by watching and saying "uh....hmmm...nope...stay in the line, Mommy!"
 You need a paint brush and a whole lotta paper towels. The grout paint WILL get on the tile. I would paint 1-2 lines at a time then wipe the access grout off the tile after 30 or so seconds. If it was too  wet, it would get all over the place. My tip is DO let it dry (depending on your tile, of course) a bit, then wipe off. Our tiles are smooth and easy to wipe. Sherry had more of a stone tile which I can only imagine is WAY harder to wipe off. 
 Here is the difference with our floors. I LOVE. I SWOON. I DROOL. (Told you that you need a lot of paper towels)

I noticed a bit of damage on the left side. By a bit, I mean a LOT.
Back story...a few weeks back, we noticed our washer machine was leaking when we would run it. The repair man came and said one of the parts was not long enough when it was installed. Hence the leaking. We hoped it was only leaking for a short amount of time (a week or two) but from the look of this...I think it was more like a month...or six. Picture me doing this.
 I immediately sent pictures to my Dad and Jon because I see stuff like this and think my house is going to cave in. They both said it is good that it dried YELLOW. If it had appeared to be a dark brown or black, that is a sign of mold. Thankfully, it is just yellow, I will let you know what happens. But the grout on the entire left side and some on the main wall is cracked and needs to be repaired. So I painted everywhere but there.
 Aaaaaaand 2 hours later, I was DONE!
 Huge difference, am I right? I already have a few people on the Grout Renew bandwagon. If you have used it before or plan on doing it, let me know! Thanks again for Sherry and John at Young House Love for the tip!

Up next on the laundry room makeover...PAINT! (Most likely in a few weeks once it warms up...gotta open those windows, baby!)
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