Melissa Potter

Saturday, March 15, 2014

When I see a spider in my garage
 Hugging after an argument when all you want to do is Avada Kedavra that person
 When the other team wins Catchphrase (a RARE sight)
When I win Catchphrase (yes I said I)
When I stub my toe
 When I see the dessert buffet at Minado
 When Jon "asks" "you're wearing that?"
When I try to stop all of the food from burning before company comes over
When I hear ice fall off my roof and think I'm about to be murdered by a roof-climbing ninja.
 When I finally finish laundry and then I spill coffee down my shirt
 When Jon finally thinks he's alone for the night and I pop-up wicked hyper.
 When people buy me too many drinks.
 When you think you see someone you know at Target then quickly realize you're dead wrong and this is now awkward.
Me at the end of every episode of Downton Abbey
 When I have been defeated by a tantrum (either Jon or Jack's)
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