Organized Spices

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thank God I don't have a before picture of our "spice cabinet"...just picture olive oil rings and pepper all ova da place. It was horrendous and quite embarrassing. 
 So like with the tea, I went around the house looking for something I could use to feel a bit more "organized" with the spices. I went into our basement and found this wooden box that held two pairs of chopsticks. I emptied that bad boy and shoved it into the cabinet. Bada Boom

Tadaaaaa, took all of two minutes and now I am no longer knocking spice bottles over to find the cinnamon. Annnnd twas' free! Whoop whoop!

So are you doing little tricks to organize around the house? I like to look around to see if we have anything before going to buy something. Just call me cheapenstein.
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