Our Master Bathroom

Friday, March 14, 2014

Welcome to my favorite room in the house! When we designed our master bathroom, we always had this picture in mind for inspiration. 
We loved the large mirrors with the shelves in the middle. We were sold! We achieved pretty much the same look. We still have some more stuff to add like art on the walls and maybe a nice rug? But for now, nothing major. Where our laundry hamper is, we would love to do a fireplace. Awww yeah, queue the Barry White music. TMI, sorry. 
 The shelves are styled with our towels (from Restoration Hardware Outlet), one of my favorite pictures of Jack and a small basket to hold Jon's toiletries. Nothing was in it when I took this picture because he was on a bidness trip.

 I like to keep counters as clutter-free as possible. Just a succulent and his soap and lotion.
 On my side I have some pretty yellow flowers (my favorite color), some mementos from beach trips and favorite bottles of wine we have shared and a beautiful match box that my Auntie bought me for my birthday! Everyone knows I love the beach.
 On my soap bottle I have this heart that Jon made for me back when we first met and I was interviewing for an old job. I was nervous and he cut this out along with a note and put it in the car so I would see it when I left. Adorable am I right? Then I have my perfume "Jasmine Amethyst" from Bath and Body Works (which they no longer carry and I want to cry), my face lotion and an owl that my Auntie got me for my birthday as well.
 Now this is the best part. Since we moved in, I have taken like, 3876982 baths. My #1 priority was a large soaker tub. Granted the water turns cold while it is barely half full...we gotta fix that...but it is still so relaxing after a long day. And don't worry, our neighbors can't see us. We tested it hahaha.
 I add some fresh tulips from the grocery store when I get a chance to give it a pop of color and fresh flowers always relax me. Next to it we have a jar of epsom salt and a shell from the beach. On the other side, we have the candles we light (Jack Attack broke half of them INTO the tub. I had to vacuum the tub 4 or 5 times before I no longer felt glass shards. Oh, this kid!)

Paint Color: Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore
Curtains: Restoration Hardware
Towels: Restoration Hardware
Lamps/Lampshades: Restoration Hardware

So there is our Master bath! What is your favorite room in your house? 

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