Housewife Challenge: Goals

Monday, April 28, 2014

So last week when I mentioned my housewife challenge, I was mostly welcomed with support. I only had one "YOU DO KNOW ITS 2014 GURRRL" kind of email, but I quickly realized I didn't explain the purpose of the challenge entirely. 

The entire purpose of this challenge is to help me gain skills that I lack. Skills that I think a person who owns a home and has a family needs. I have no idea how to bake a cake from scratch, tie a tie, iron shirts without burning them, make a roast, make sauce (I'm married to an italian) and sew. I want to make my family meals made with love with recipes passed down from generations before us. I want to have us eat meals at the table together and I want more stability in our day-to-day lives. Granted, every day is different for us and at the moment, that is kind of impossible, but I know that I am the person responsible for making us feel more WHOLE rather than scattered. With so many activities, play dates, appointments, chores, work, meetings, etc., it is easy to lose track of family time. When researching life back in the 1950's, I kept reading that a housewife wasn't always perfect like we see portrayed on television and movies. But they were extremely organized and extremely tactile with planning meals, events, chores etc. I want to be that. I need that. I have expressed a few times now on the blog that I desire to be better at those things. I really think it will help me become a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece, friend, etc. 

So here's what I'm thinking so far...

1) Get dressed. EVERY DAY. I almost want to only keep one pair of pajamas so I have to get dressed. 
2) Bake a cake. From scratch. I tried this for Jack's 2nd birthday and it was the texture of a sponge. A used, dried out sponge.
3) Roast a chicken.
4) Learn how to iron.
5) Tie a tie. 
6) Create a cleaning and meal plan schedule.
7) Tackle the clutter.
8) Create a recipe book of my recipes and family recipes to keep.
9) Visit friends and family more.
10) Have fun.

I just wanted to explain myself more. I was going to start the challenge today, but since Thursday night, Jon and I have been STRUCK DOWN with the plague. I haven't felt so terrible in a long while. But, I'm starting fresh Wednesday so I can plan. Wish me luck, I need to try and convince Jon that I'll  be cooking most of the meals from now on...that guy is like the Iron Chef of...our house?

Constructive criticism is welcome but any comments that are malicious and mean-spirited will be removed. Ain't nobody got time for dat.
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