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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This may cause controversy. I hope you know that that is not my intention and any constructive criticism is, as always, welcome.

Guess what I'm doing...a housewife challenge. What is a housewife challenge you ask? Well, that is where this housewife (points thumbs at self) actually transforms into a housewife. I'm kidding. this is just a game to see how many times I use the word housewife in a paragraph. Housewife housewife housewife.

But for serious. I got my girlfriend into Mad Men. I have loved this show since it came out back in 2007 and have watched it religiously since then. The acting is superb, the character development through out the series is perfection. I am never disappointed. Well, except for all the cheating, but hey, Don Draper is a stud with a secret past like you wouldn't believe and Sterling is a silver fox who just can't help himself. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON JOAN. She is my forever woman crush wednesday (stupid instagram) I could listen to Don sell a pitch all day long. If anyone knows of any CD that has that, holla at ya girl.

Now that I have rambled on and on about fake characters, my girlfriend brought up the idea that nobody is like a real "housewife of the 50's" and that men and women share responsibilities, cooking, cleaning, etc. I have to say, I agree with her. And I don't think anything is wrong with that at all, but we thought it would be fun to go back in time for a few weeks, a month, maybe even forever and try to take it all on while our husbands provide for us.

As of right now, I work from home for my blog and photography. At this point in time, they are more like part-time jobs until Jack is in school full-time. My job right now is to raise Jack and tend to the household while Jon works full-time providing for us. So, my life is similar to those 50's housewives...kinda. I certainly am NOT dressed to the nines every day, we make our own separate meals and Jon does help clean (sometimes). But, now that I am starting this challenge, all of that will change.

Here are the rules:

- I make every meal: breakfast, lunch and dinner for all of us. Let us hope we all make it out alive. But really, I have wanted to this for a long, long time, but when I worked outside the home it was impossible.
- I get dressed (yes, that means shower as well) every day. Certainly not to the nines, but feel good about myself. (Side note: I notice that while I do my laundry, Jon's clothes are always shirts, pants, polos, sweaters, etc....my clothes are always pajamas. Time to change this...which I have wanted to do for a while anyways)
- I take care of all household chores and divide them into days. I still will have Jack help me with this (make his own bed, tidy his room and toys)

Back in 1955, this article was published for high school girls to learn "How to be a good housewife."

That last one is silly. But, for the most part, I agree with this article. I have always been old fashioned and believe that since Jon provides for us, I should provide him with good food, a clean home and a place of relaxation, right? Not the usual chaos it is!

I'm starting this challenge on Monday. I don't know how long it will go, but I really think it will help spark that "get off your butt" fire that I have needed for a long time. That get dressed, don't wait to clean until the dust bunnies attack you while everyone is eating cereal spark.

Like I said at the top of the post, I know this subject can be controversial. I welcome all constructive criticism and "girl, you are nuts" comments. If I have said anything to offend anyone, please let me know. The reason I am doing this is because I am a housewife. I don't work outside of the home at this moment. I am my own boss with my businesses. I  just think this will be a fun experiment to try. I am all for Mom's and hell, Dad's who work outside of the home and take on chores, cooking, etc. I was there once! I back you 100%. I hope that I can get your support as well. 

Anyone else want to join in on the crazy?

Constructive criticism is welcome but any comments that are malicious and mean-spirited will be removed. Ain't nobody got time for dat.
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