What makes you happy?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

 Just like everyone else on earth, I have been listening to "Happy" by Pharrell until I couldn't stand it any longer.

But it had me thinking...what does make me happy? Of course my family and friends make me happy, but what about what makes me, as a person, happy. What hobbies do I enjoy? What sights and sounds make me smile from ear to ear?

Three things. Photography, The Cape and family trips.

About two months ago, I started my photography business. I have to say, I am quite lucky that it is going to be a busy Summer for me and that people enjoy my photographs. It started out as a hobby but I quickly realized it could be more than that. Even though I photograph people and events, I have to say my favorite will always be animals and landscapes. I am that crazy person that pulls over to the side of a road to take a picture of a horse or a really nice sunset. Meet Bulls-Eye, Jack's "best buddy ol' pal"
Now one thing I think everyone knows about me, is how much I love The Cape. I never mind the 2 hour drive (without traffic), in fact, I look forward to it every summer. We need to go more often. I hope to rent a house for 2 weeks in a few years every summer so we can sit and enjoy ourselves. For every year of Jack's life so far, I made it a point to go every summer. Jack was about 6 months old the first time when we slept over my Dad and Veronica's summer rental. Then the past two years we have gone to Rick's parents Cape house and loved it (well, kinda...toddler tantrums) But it is something about The Cape that I find so relaxing. The shops, the smells, the incredible, fresh seafood. And my favorite...the shingles on all of the adorable homes. In fact, if we are lucky enough, I'd love to have a permanant summer home there one day. I think that is one of my goals and dreams. A summer house on The Cape. Here's a little flashback of Jack's first time at The Cape (and first time at a beach...he loved it)
Lauren was so cute and made Jack's name out of seashells and rocks. We saved the rocks and shells and we have them tucked away in storage...crazy mom status.
My Dad, my sister Mary, Jack and my sleep-deprived self. I remember him being up the WHOLE NIGHT that night.
He ended up loving the water and splashing around his little legs and feet.
 He always loves grabbing my Dad's hat!
 Love this picture!
I hope to go down alone this summer as well. I haven't had a chance to drive around and photograph The Cape as I hoped to. Here are some shots I took last summer.

You can read more about our Cape trips here, here and here.

The last thing that makes me crazy happy, would be family trips. It's all about the memories people. The last thing I want Jack to remember is sitting inside playing video games and doing a whole lotta nothin'. We had one amazing childhood. I want to give that to Jack as well. So I love taking him to Zoo's, museums, parks, etc. We recently went to The Ecotarium in Worcester and I have never seen Jack have so much fun. I took 400+ pictures...but seeing a smile on his face and say outloud "I'm having so much fun!" really makes me happy.We hope to go to Edaville again this year to see Thomas the Train (his other "best buddy ol' pal") He is starting to reach the age where he is WAY more interested in space, nature, sports, science, etc. So we really want to focus on making sure he learns ALL about anything he wants to. This summer, I want to take him to some tide pools since he was really into that at The Ecotarium. He loved the little fish and other creatures you find in tide pools.

So what makes you happy? Now all I want is summer! But, it is going to 70 degrees this week! Getting there!

Constructive criticism is welcome but any comments that are malicious and mean-spirited will be removed. Ain't nobody got time for dat.
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