Ace of Base

Saturday, May 24, 2014

In our Sunroom, we had a baseboard heater that didn't work. And it was installed that way. FUN. This winter, we wanted to make sure to take note if the sunroom was colder than the rest of the downstairs. If it was, then it would make sense to repair. If not, then peace out sucka! Well, it wasn't cold in there, so we decided to get rid of it rather than have it repaired. It was also kind of an eye sore. And the vent was right in front of it (I don't get it either) so again, not necessary.
The other day, an electrician came and took it out. What was left behind wasn't bad, but the floor wasn't stained where it was installed so we need to look into how to fix that. The baseboard only has minimal damage, a few holes that need to be filled and then a coat of paint and it will look great! But I already see a big difference. It changes the look of the room. Now if only I can get rid of those flowers Jon loves...sorry babe. 

Any small improvements going on in your home? I think this greatly improves the look of the room.
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