Easter 2014

Friday, May 2, 2014

A few weeks back was Easter Sunday and we had a blast! First we met up with my Mother-In-Law, Janie at the Marlborough Country Club and had a very yummy brunch. I surprised Jack with a yellow stuffed animal "Ducky" that we saw at Wal-Mart several weeks before Easter. I was about to get it for him until he had a meltdown of epic proportions over not being allowed to throw pens...THE NERVE. But I knew he loved that Duck, so when I gave it to him he was so thrilled. Ducky even got his own seat.
 Naturally, in true Jack fashion, his choice out of the hundreds of options of food was mac and cheese and chocolate milk. Its like he's me from age 2-22.

 I had the Mimosa while Janie and Jon had Bloody Mary's. They were superb!

 Jack had the Easter Bunny ALL to himself. The other kids had gone to the Easter hunt earlier in the morning, so Jack was the last one. It was total VIP status. The Easter bunny (who was the sweetest girl ever for how she was with him) even frosted Jack's cupcake!

 He was sooooooo happy.

 Of course.
The Country Club also had a table for kids to do crafts in case they became antsy in the dining room.
 these were the girls that were working. They went above and beyond to make Jack happy and made sure he had fun.

After the Egg hunt, we took family pictures just like last year (everyone else was in NJ Easter Day, but hopefully next year they will be home). I just noticed Jack is in the same outfit haha.

 Then we left to my Dad's house in NH. Thankfully Jack slept the way up! They gave him a fun easter basket with a lot of bubbles, lili pops and bunny ears. Jack still wears these.


Overall it was such a fun day! i hope you all had a great Easter as well and have a great weekend!

Constructive criticism is welcome but any comments that are malicious and mean-spirited will be removed. Ain't nobody got time for dat.
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