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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

There are two things that we have changed recently that has made our lives easier. Ok, my life, really, but happy wife = happy life, right!? So if my life runs smoothly then Jon does. That way he doesn't hear me complain :-)

1.) A laundry basket. Yes. You that right. Up until two weeks ago, I was the WORST LAUNDRY DO-ER EVER. I left them in the wash too long, left them in the dryer or crumpled on the bed which I then transferred to my closet floor and forgot about. Then once the pile was taller than Jack, I'd finally take an hour and fold it. That happened. Like, every week. But with my housewife challenge, I proclaimed; "SELF! NO MORE OF THIS TOMFOOLERY!" And boy did I listen. I had the "genius" idea to buy a laundry basket that was only used for CLEAN clothes. Once the dryer was done with that load, I plop the clothes in the basket and fold them immediately and put them away RIGHT after. One of the reasons that I always neglected the laundry was because Jack doesn't like to be alone for a long period of time. He loves being around me. So if he didn't want to fold the laundry with me upstairs, I just ignored it. With the laundry basket, I can carry it downstairs and fold the laundry on the counter while he eats or plays, then quickly put the clothes away and come back down. I have yet to ignore a pile of laundry! Can I get a woot woot!
2.) Keurig. You beautiful creature, you. When we lived with my Mother-in-law before we moved, we used a Keurig for our morning (and afternoon, who am I kidding) dose of coffee. Once we had our bridal shower, I figured we would want a normal coffee pot since it held more than one cup. Boy was I wrong. Yes it made more than one cup, but some days I would make 4-6 cups worth and only drink half a cup of coffee. It was wasting $ and time since I then had to wash the coffee pot every night. I asked Janie if she still had the keurig and she said yes and that we could have it! So we immediately switched and don't regret it. I have the other coffee maker downstairs for when we entertain. I think it makes sense to use it then. And Jack loves to help out :-) Love him

3.) I am listening to Christmas music right now. I know. I am holding my head in shame as well. But it is helping me concentrate.
4.) I just watched all 6 seasons of Mad Men in two weeks. I have watched them since they first aired, but I wanted to remember what went on in earlier seasons since I was starting to forget while watching the new season. Love you, Joan.
5.) I am doing ok on my housewife challenge. Just ok.
6.) I watched a documentary earlier today on Johnny Carson and was glued to the screen.
7.) I am reading "Ava: My Story" that my girlfriend, Sam lent me and I love it. Can't put it down! I want to start reading more auto-biographies. Next up will definitely be Johnny Carson's. I remember my parents had the VHS (HOLLA!) of all of his "Tonight with Johnny Carson" episodes. That is 30 years worth. Or maybe it was "the best of?" I don't know.
8.) I'm loving grapefruit juice and pellegrino together. It is like a healthy sugary drink which I love.
9.) I'm really excited for Mother's Day. Jon and Jack are taking me to Johnny Rocket's. I'm a classy gal :-)
10.) I'm trying to slow my life down and enjoy the moment rather than try and work work work work. So far, I'm loving the slower pace.
11.) I realize most of my friends are other Mom bloggers that are states away. I hope I get to meet them all one day like I was lucky enough to meet my girl, Lena. Miss you, my sweet Canadian lady!
12.) Jack loves hiking and I am hoping to hike once a week with him. Even if it is local trails. This friday we are meeting up with my sister Grace to go to these beautiful places she always finds. It will also help me find more photo shoot locations! Exciting stuff.
13.) We found a new and incredible playground on accident. It is massive and has giant baseball fields, a pond and other fun stuff. I figured Jon and I can work out while Jack plays. Plenty of room!

So, have you done anything to help make your life a bit easier?
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