Nana Time

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A few times a month, we head up to NH to see my Mom aka Nana. Jack loves this, especially in the summer, since he gets to "help out" ruin Nana's garden. Now, in no particular/edited order...Grandparent's eat your heart out!

 As you can tell my Jack's face, he loves to walk my sister Grace's dog Sophie aka Sofa-loaf aka Tophie.

 Here's a series of pictures where I ask Jack to simply say "cheese"

 Little poser!!

 One of my favorite pictures. So simple and just so Jack.

 Mac and Cheese cheek.

 SPIDER JACK! Jack is VERY into Super Heroes especially the Green Lantern, Batman, Superman and Spiderman. He even called me Lex Luther the other day. We think it started from a book I bought from the grocery store about super heroes because he does NOT watch the TV shows. Way too violent for our already wrestle-prone boy.


I love that goofy little guy more than anything in the wooooorld. Yes, more than mac and cheese.

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