The Ecotarium

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back in early April, some cute kid I love accompanied me to The Ecotarium in Worcester, MA. I love this place. It was so much fun! It was the ideal museum to go to since it has a train ride ($3 per person), outdoor parks and playgrounds, and a large museum inside that is filled with fun activities for all ages. We spent about 3 hours there and Jack was begging to go back.
Jack loved the Eagles and named them "Stow-wa" and "Skoob-ida" which he names everything these days... Silly kid.

This is the face Jack makes when I ask him to smile half the time. Someone has been watching too many Miley videos...
My silly self was too afraid to go onto the glass floor balcony. I am terrified of heights, even one floor up!

 The train ride was the best part. Jack said that we were riding Hero and James (Thomas fans foreva)

"Alright, alright...we need to go to this road and then up that great mountain!"

Here's the best part. The park outside is amazing.  It is perfect when the kids are too fussy and need to burn energy but can't in a museum. Bravo, Ecotarium. Bravo.

I definitely want to become members. It isn't a far drive at all and was such a fun time!

Any museums you love? I was thinking of becoming members here and at the museum of science!

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