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Monday, July 28, 2014

I think the title is a little inappropriate. But hey, that's me :-) Everyone should go to the Restoration Outlet store in Wrentham, MA. This place is our Mecca. We pretty much bought all of our furniture from that place. The prices are incredible, literally 50%-80% off because of simple scratches, dents, etc in the furniture. They also increase the amount off the original price depending on how many days it has been in the Outlet. And sometimes there are additional sales ON TOP of the discounted price. It's crazy town over there. People don't realize how easily furniture at the outlet can be fixed! So we went there to score rugs, our kitchen and dining room chairs and our dining room table.

Anyways, we have always had the idea of turning our foyer into a library-esque setting. Think bookshelves, sitting area, etc. So Jon has always kept his eye on this GIANT library media system in "Brown Oak Drifted", that he loved whenever he went there. It was his third time seeing it and he was shocked it hadn't sold yet. So he looked at the price and gave me a call to tell me about it.
He texted me pictures and I fell in love. It was exactly what we were looking for (originally we thought we would build it), so I measured with tape (like I discussed here) to outline if the piece would fit. It was a tight fit, with about four inches on either side, so we crossed or fingers and hoped it worked out. There was no way we were letting this piece go!

The measurements were 143"W, 19"D and 95"H.
Two gentleman came to deliver it and we found out that this piece is heavier than you think it would be. For a minute I didn't think it was possible to get it upstairs. Thankfully, the piece came in pieces and they assembled it when it was all upstairs.

It was PERFECT. And matches Luna, our mirror (from Jordan's Furniture warehouse, also at a discount, scored for almost free using a gift card)!

 Where the bannister is below, we will eventually add a nice chair, small side table and wall lamp.
Something like this:

Here's a breakdown:
Original Price: $4,300
Outlet Price: $700 (due to additional 40% off, dents, scratches & had been at the outlet for a long time)
Delivery/S&H: $100
Our Total: $800 a whopping $3,500 off.

I'm going to do a full post on how we save so much (and rarely ever buy full price) since I get a lot of emails about it.

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