My love affair with Downton

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I am 100% a TV snob. Except for when the RHONJ are on. Well, not this season. #bringbackcarolineandjacqueline

But moving on now...I really fall in love with shows that have an amazing cast, script and soundtrack.  Especially period pieces. I have already told you how I love Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. But Downton Abbey really takes the cake for me.
The show struck my fancy a few years back, but after one episode, I was too busy with work/a baby to really sit down and enjoy it. This past winter, during Snowmageddon, I realized that I couldn't venture outside while the Polar Vortex was off being a mean muggin' fool, so I parked my butt on the couch and started watching it on Amazon Prime (using AppleTV, it projects the Prime to our TV. I don't know how it all works. Ask Bill Gates) when Jack went to bed at night.

I WAS HOOKED (as I mentioned here). The music. The acting. BRANSON. OH SWEET BRANSON. Like an even hotter version of Niall Horan (and older...BOO YA NOT ROBBING THE CRADLE GOD I AM SO CREEPY FORGIVE ME FATHER FOR I HAVE SINNED) Irish men for the win!
I watched all of the seasons in 2 weeks. Every night that I could, I sat down and watched 2-3 episodes into the wee hours of the morn. I was fine with it because...well, coffee exists for this reason. Even with no sleep, I couldn't stop watching.
Some of my favorites
The music is something that really stuck with me and made the series. No TV will be successful without the perfect music in my opinion. I told Jon that if we had a big wedding and had watched the show before hand, (still don't regret how we had our wedding) that I would walk down the aisle to "Such Good Luck" (1:35 and on) off of the soundtrack. Absolutely breathtaking. I love that song.
The characters story lines are truly remarkable. Such romance and grace within each and every character. The love between Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley was mesmerizing. Even after all of the heartbreak (on Mary's part, but we are all dumb when it comes to love), they finally get together on the Christmas special and I totally seal clapped and bawled my eyes out with such joy as if they were my own friends.
Don't even get me started on Anna and Mr. Bates. A love so beautiful, so pure, not even that wench Vera could break it. He is such a gentleman that I fell in love with him by the end of season one. My heart belongs to you, Mr. Bates.
I could go on forever with what I love about the family and staff on that show. I cried along with them (RIP Lady Sybil and Matthew I LOVE YOU FOREVER), smiled with them and even laughed as if I was right next to them. I realize the show is NOT real (I GET IT JON) but I get so emotionally invested in great series. The actors are incredible and pull it off so well. This is definitely one show I wish would never ever end.

Have you seen Downton Abbey yet? The next season premieres in January and I already have the date on my calendar. Also, I have seen this awesome Downton Abbey cookbook in Barnes and Noble that I totally want. But now I'm off to take my medication of crazy pills. Holla.
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