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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

When I first started reading blogs, it was 2009. That is like... one thousand years ago in internet years. Even though I wasn't blogging back then, I still tuned in to my favorite blogs once or twice a week to catch up on what they renovated, decorated, family events, fashion posts, etc. How many times can I say...err...type blog in this post? BLOG BLOG LOBJKNFDKJ

Anyways, the past few months, I have been completely turned off by blogging/pinterest/instagram/social media in general. I felt forced to post. Why, you ask?

The bloggers that I used to love, are now ALL about sponsored content...which I (sometimes) get, because it does take time and effort and money to run a blog. BUT they seriously, seriously lack in the quality and content they once had. They post 5-6 days a week and maybe 2 posts are worth reading. Blogger Ego is way out of control and pinning their images left and right, twice a day, is intolerable. Instagram is now filled with links to make money or overly posed pictures of their breakfast with glittery pencils and a friggin paint brush in the picture just to make it look artsy. Unless you use a paintbrush for a spoon, why the heck is it posed for the picture? It doesn't say cheese, lady.

When I started my blog, I did it for fun and to maybe make some friends along the way, while I gab, feed you terrible jokes and post about our life and home.

That was how it was back in the day. More of a community/journal feel and less of a competition to make money and have perfect pictures, outfits, homes, kids, etc.

I have never, and will never, be the kind of blogger that takes sponsors unless it makes sense for my blog. I make a small amount from ads and some sponsors, but that is it. And it is a small amount. Sure, if I did a post of useless content everyday, filled with affiliate links to get page views, I am sure I could make more. But that is not why I started this journey.

I am glad that my all time favorite blogs; Young House Love, Quality Rivets and Bower Power haven't changed (they do have sponsors but it makes 100% sense for their blogs), but unfortunately, every other blog I read, has totally gone into the (excuse my language) shitty blog vortex. With no signs of them coming out. Some blogs don't know how to grow without losing their original content that first got them in the game.

I am in no way jealous. I am more disappointed that a community I once loved, is gone. A community that I used to be able to go to and vent, ask questions and feel a sense of belonging (for a total introvert) is no longer here. It makes me sad.

Maybe one day, blogging will be back to more of a community feeling than competition. I sure hope so. I have started to get a desire to blog again, which I am happy about. I love to write and pour my strange humor to complete strangers. I love to document Holidays, parties, life events and so much more. I have met friends that have turned into lifelong friends and I am so thankful for that. So I'm not done with blogging (which I thought I was for a few weeks). I still have that desire to click publish. I just hope I never let it get the best of me, like so many others have.

If you think I'm a total diva loser for this post, I get it. I am whining over an online community of people I don't know. But for me, it is like when your older sibling gets too cool to care about you anymore. They only care about themselves.

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