Wedding Weekend: Day One

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 10th-12th was dubbed "Wedding Weekend." My sister Mary (Marsickles aka Taller One) and her now HUSBAND Justin (Justickles Swiftinyte) were married in a b-e-a-utiful ceremony and I had the honor of being her Maid of Honor. We decided to make it a fun weekend and rent a lake house so the girls (and Jack and Nathan) could all hang out together before Mary was officially a Swift. Jon was working or in NY or Nashville (I forget, this was like 3 weeks ago people...that is 65 years in Mom brain) so I took Jack with me for some lake fun! Naturally, it was chaos with a 3-year-old who got a giant splinter (that finally came out last Sunday), tantrums of epic proportion while trying to put him to bed (it sounded like I was killing him) and lots of karate chopping to Nathan....but hey, he's 3...and a ninja apparently. Gotta love him :-)

The lake house was amazing. The view. OH THE VIEW. I couldn't handle how beautiful it was. Especially at Sunset. Every hour there was a camp that had a trumpet call and I felt like I was in the movie Heavy Weights. But more like overly-tired-mom-weights. But anyways, the view was incredible. Right on the water and sometimes you could see a sail boat or two. It was very peaceful. I sat there for a moment and just admired scenery. I'd buy that place for the view alone if i could.
 My Mother-in-Law Janie is great with gifts, she sent Mary and Justin a BALLER grill-styled gift. They, as most rednecks (love you guys), love to grill so this was perfect for them. Especially the baked beans pot :-)

 So the splinter story. Jack had shoes on while we got there. I either took them off or someone else did and he walked on the deck, took like four steps and BAM. Giants, 3 inch splinter hanging out of his foot, ripped it out and it left a half inch long splinter in his foot. My poor, poor baby. He was a pretty good champ until Grace and I tried to take it out with and eyebrow plucker. But she had the great idea just to soak it. He totally splashed her with the water with his little injured foot. My poor sweetie. So after splinter-gate, some of the girls went to the grocery store to get some goodies, while we stayed and I fed Jack some lunch. He is totally allowed to eat Cheese Puffs on vaca. Especially after getting a giant splinter too.
I brought every toy imaginable for Jack and Nathan, even doubles of everything thinking they would share. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA excuse me while I kick my own face. #toddlers
I love this boy. I love him so much that my heart could explode into a million pieces.  
Ali made me a drink of Vodka, Sprite and raspberry seltzer water...I was quite yummy. I maybe had 3 sips. #momtoatoddler
One thing a lot of people don't know about me is my love of Native American culture. I saw this and I want one immediately. Just gorgeous.
 Jack was getting a bit bored with just playing on the deck, so we started to walk down a trail until we saw "Private Property" and I ain't no rebel.
 Back to the deck to play trucks and eat some yummy dinner.
 The look of the lake house.
I tried getting Jack to bed because he was obviously tired, but he wouldn't. He just started to sob and scream and try and run out of the that was short lived...but I am glad he stayed awake because Nathan and Rheegan came by! The kids played bubbles and and cried over trucks.

 Mary and Steph!
This is how Nathan feels about Jack...hahahahaha
 I started to read some books to the kids before they had to leave :-( I love reading to Jack and had such a blast doing this. Rheegan was a great helper and read her favorite Dr. Seuss book to the boys. I love that girl.
 When Rheegan and Nathan left, we finally went to bed. Pretty sure it was 11pm :-)
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