Wedding Weekend: Day Two

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day Two of the Wedding festivities, started off with a lovely treat of Dunkin Donuts coffee and bagels before heading over to the wedding site to try and set up.
Jack helping with the rocks. I don't know why but he always looks like he has black eyes. He isn't allergic to anything, so it must be lack of sleep and his mothers pale irish skin. Sorry Jack!

Jack was over it 30 minutes in (we all were, it was hot!) so Mary was kind enough to let me slip away with Jack to the lake that my Dad was staying at with Ryan, Sammy and Nathan. I took Rheegan so she could join in the fun too. And boy was it!

After the lake, we showered and got ready for the rehearsal dinner. Here's the bride with her bridesmaids and Rheegan. Nobody looking besides Steph haha
 The Devine siblings, my long ass arms and some cute Mr.
 The lovely couple!
 Jack is o-b-s-s-e-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-e-d with my Dad. He sure does love his Papa
Totally normal!
 Mary, Greg and my pretty Momma!
 Pod, Mary and V!
 Naturally as the annoying paparazzi that I am, I took pics of the rehearsal as I walked down the aisle..
 Maid of Honor and Best Man selfie!
 LOOKIE HERE. There's a cute little monkey named Jack who is also apparently giving my sister away haha

 After the rehearsal ceremony, we went to a scrum-didly-umptious BBQ joint for dinner and drinks.

 The boys loved playing horseshoe. I kept my distance since toddlers are clumsier than a drunk Lucille Ball.
 Marsickles aka Taller One. She be tall, yo.
 And this is how it normally is with us. Then my camera died :-(

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