Generosity kills the Pregnant Lady

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The title will make sense in 30 seconds because I almost died from being so shocked. My Birthday was back in July and I swear, all I wanted was a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Actually, I have wanted one for years but always felt so uncomfortable asking friends or family to get it for me for Christmas/Birthdays or whatever. It is a pricey little contraption. SO, before my birthday, I posted a cheeky Facebook status SLYLY suggesting the Mixer was HALF off at Target. I really posted it as a joke, little did I know, the most generous friend of all time, Kristen, purchased it for me. CAN I GET AN AMEN? Honestly, I cried when I saw the box. CRIED. I didn't believe it. I called her in tears. I was one happy, emotional little lady. She was laughing at me and thought nothing of it. Kristen is also the one who bought me this beautiful Holiday bowl and Jon, one awesome bottle of scotch. She is just the best.
I think I will display it where I normally keep our cookbook. Sorry cookbook, your time is up. 
Why have I wanted one for so long? I am not the best cook or baker. This gadget comes with all of the bells and whistles. You can bake, make pasta, use it as a juicer and squeeze gold out of it. Ok, maybe not Gold, but I swear this is thing is worth a million pounds of gold. Is gold measured in pounds? I swear I'm not blonde (sorry blondes).
 I totally dedicated an entire Pinterest board for Kitchen Aid Gadgets and will pin how to bake stuff because I have no CLUE and totally use cake box recipes. The one time I tried to make cake by scratch, the cake turned out to be the texture of foam.

But I am really excited to make pasta as well. My Italian husband will obviously love that! Hopefully this blog post will help from Julie Blanner
 So, fellow Kitchen Aid owners, what is your favorite way to use your mixer? Any recipes to share? Lord knows I need the help!
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