Popsicles, Pizza and a Water Fight

Monday, September 22, 2014

This summer was a big ball of relaxation plus a whole lot of fun. We had a blast. We realized that summer was quickly coming to an end, so towards the end of August, we wanted to take a few big trips to the beach. 

One of those trips, was a trip to a local lake near where my Auntie lives. Jack loveeeeed it. Especially because my Auntie is not afraid to get soaked and full of sand and mud. I usually don't mind, but I had to man the camera. It's all about the memories people. 
Jack and another little boy were having a water fight with their buckets until the other boy had to leave. He was so kind with Jack. Jack gets along well with kids who are a bit older. They're not afraid to wrestle and act like maniacs.
Once the boy left, he had some quiet play in the water. Some people think I'm nuts for letting him go so far without a float. But the water is not that high, he knows how to kinda swim and we can get to him in .5 seconds. So I let him have some freedom.

After playing in the water, my Auntie promised him a popsicle. He was very excited, of course, and he chose the Power Puff Girl with gum drops eyes. IT WAS SO GOOD. I totally stole a bite. I could have one every day. It was also his first time trying gum.
Little sandy, snaggle toes.
We had such a fun day at the beach. Afterwards we hit up a local pizza joint with the HOTTEST pizza ever. Or maybe it was so hot because we couldn't keep our mits off the pizza. 
We are beautiful. 
Have a great day!

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