1st Trimester Must Haves

Thursday, November 13, 2014

This may sound crazy, but this is the first time I feel like I have experienced a first trimester. When I was pregnant with Jack, we didn't find out until I was WELL into my second trimester. I had zero signs of him until 20 weeks. So, going through a rough first trimester this time, may have been a bit of karma coming back to bite me in my ever expanding ass. There are a few things that helped me get through the rough patches and I consider them must haves!
Body Pillow: Holy Guacamole. I need this bad boy every day. I am strongly considering investing in one of those pregnancy pillows that look like terds (come on, they do). I hear they are even better than a normal body pillow since it fits to your body better. But, for now, my trusted body pillow works. I would be a grumpy troll without my sleep, so this is 100% a must have.

Ovia Pregnancy App: This app is glorious and I used the Ovia Fertility app as we were trying to conceive. I have found them both to be very informative and I update it everyday with my current symptoms, activity, what I've been eating, milestones, etc. It is a great way to track your pregnancy and offers great advice as well.

Le Toilet: Vomit. Lots of it. That is all.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter: I think this is a big one for most pregnant women out there. It relieves the itchy skin from your expanding belly and helps prevent deep stretch marks. I have small white marks for now, but my Doctor said they fade quickly after birth and to keep applying the lotion.

Maternity Belly BeBand: Or whatever its called. I couldn't button any pants from week 10 and on. The hair-tye trick didn't work at all for me this time around and I also didn't like that it showed the hair-tye and loose buttons, so this band has worked WONDERS. I can still wear my pants and not worry about the buttons showing awkwardly through my shirts or my pants falling down. It secures them and hides it.

Nature Made Prenatals: I used these with Jack and they are my favorite prenatal. I tried a gummy version but it quickly became hard to eat and it mostly stuck to my teeth.

What were your must haves to get you through the rough 1st trimester? Anyone else say semester instead of trimester all the time? No? Well, I'm the idiot that does.
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