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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yup! Sweet Marin will be joining our family in April. We are so, so excited and a bit shocked! I guess all of those morning sickness tales were true for me. 

Hearing our awesome ultrasound tech, Cara say "you sure you want to know? You're having a girl!" still replays in my head over and over. I totally yelled "A GIRL!?" at Jon and he looked so surprised and just laughed. Not going to lie, we were both thinking boy since we just couldn't picture ourselves with a little girl! But we are so thrilled. So, so thrilled! I was crying just looking at her. Marin is so beautiful already. Just look at that cute face! We can't wait to meet her. Marin was rowdy (our kids ROWDY?? NO!) during the whole ultrasound and was giving Cara a good laugh. At one point we were viewing the top of Marin's head (birds eye view) and all of a sudden, you'd see her arms flail about and then disappear. She has us cracking up already. 

The day almost didn't go as planned...on our way to get lunch before our ultrasound, one of the receptionists called and said the power had gone out on the whole street and we would have to reschedule. YEAH SURE, TELL THE PREGNANT LADY THAT. I was immediately sad and disappointed and asked if there was anything they could do because my husband flew in JUST for the appointment. They felt terrible, called other offices and still, no luck. So we figured what the heck, lets still get lunch since this IS our anniversary too. Half way through, they called back and said the power went back on! HALLELUJAH I WON'T HAVE TO HURT NSTAR! So we hurried on over and heard the news :-)

We are so happy. Jack can't wait and Marin is already trying to jump out of my belly.

We love you, sweet girl.

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