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Monday, November 24, 2014

Ever since Jack started preschool back in September, he has been sick 2-3 times with a cold. The dreaded preschool germs have begun and I think Jack has my horrendous immune system. Since he has been sick so much, I have pretty much mastered what helps him get through the cold while still having some fun.

Legos: You may be confused by this, but I wanted Jack to rest as much as possible, while still having fun. Legos are a great toy that you can also sanitize easily. We would sit on the floor for a long time and build castles, dump trucks (lego duplo), and big tall buildings. Jack was having fun but still resting and it is a quiet game as well, so he didn't strain his voice. Once he was feeling better, I filled the tub with hot water and some bleach (I eyeball it) and dumped in the legos, swished them around and dried them off. Easy peasy.

Vick's Baby Rub: I think this is a staple in all households with sick little ones. I always dab some on his chest to help with coughing and congestion. Saturday night, Jack was VERY congested and coughing every minute or so. My Mother-In-Law mentioned a trick she saw on Pinterest where you put Vick's on their feet, then cover them with socks to help them sleep. So I figured I would give that a go. I swear it worked within minutes. Jack stopped coughing and I couldn't even hear him on the baby monitor. Ten minutes before he sounded like a heavy smoker with bronchitis. Pretty cool!

Dr. Seuss Books: Jack is a HUGE fan of the Seuss-Master (our nickname for him, of course). So rather than parking in front of the TV all day (he did have TV time when I needed to do chores) we read a ton in his room.

Humidifier: This is the exact one we have that my Mother-in-Law purchased at the store. It comes with a liquid vapor or the little stick vapors, but I prefer the liquid after using that on Saturday night. It is a lot stronger and helps him breathe a little easier! I just move it around the house as we played/napped/ate/etc.

Medicine: When fevers strike, we use Children's Motrin and have the best results with that. Tylenol made him HYPER (we think the dye) so we switched to this. For his coughs, before nap/bedtime, we gave him this cough syrup. Not very tasty, but definitely helped him.

Pixar Movies: for when he was down with a fever, I always let him lay with me (we are huge cuddle buddies) and put on a Pixar movie (his favorites) in my room. After a while, I'll usually get up and do chores while he stays and watches them.

More tips:

Liquids, liquids, liquids: Jack doesn't eat much when he's sick, but he is a FISH. I make sure he drinks plenty of water and pedialyte if he has a fever. We avoid milk since that doesn't help his cough.

DO get out of the house: Sorry everyone, I'm that ass that brings my sick kid to the mall. Jack can't stay home all day, he goes stir crazy. So I saw that there was a cool Lego display at The Natick Mall, so we packed our bags and went early in the AM. He loved it. It was just about an hour or so and he was in the stroller most of the time. Sometimes we will go to a local farm or even the garden center. Just something he likes without too many people to infect ;-)
SLEEP: It didn't matter what time he fell asleep, I just let him rest whenever. I think I was up until 4am most nights, but his little body was confused and I wasn't going to force a strict bedtime on him.
 (how hilarious is this picture? He goes "WHERE AM I?")

Keep it funny: When Jack was very grumpy, I'd start a silly face competition. I generally do that when he is annoyed to get him to cheer up, but it really helped when he was sick. I just make a face, he laughs, then I say "your turn!" and we keep doing silly faces until he is happy again.

So, there you have it. My tips to help your little cutie pies when they feel crummy. What are your tips? Also dealing with the wonderful school germ season?

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